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We offer Frustration-FREE piano or harp lessons & music literacy classes for children, and dictation & ear-training workshops for UofA and Pima students. Details coming soon.

To schedule your child's music lessons please call us at 520-409-3555.

Visit our OPEN HOUSE in August for the afternoon of fun and education! Details coming soon.



Our focus is creating a Frustration-FREE learning environment for music students and their teachers. 

Our philosophy comes from understanding that a music student who cannot read music is a frustrated student of a frustrated teacher.

At SOMW we clearly understand the importance of bringing new music students to the level of reading fluency right away. We also understand the challenge of music notation.

Our proprietary Ki-Vi-A Method utilizes a holistic approach to teaching and is the ultimate tool for intelligent development of basic music literacy in children (and adults). Ki-Vi-A Students learn quickly, thoroughly, and Frustration-FREE.

As our focus is to develop reading fluency in a student as soon as possible, we offer Ki-Vi-A Integrated piano or harp lessons during the first year of instruction.


Class for 3-6 year old children.

Starts in Spring 2017 in Tucson and Marana locations.

The class is a series of special fun activities that leave young students with an impression they are playing games.

Yet by participating in these games, students are actually getting a training in basic music literacy through integrated experience of kinestetic, auditory and visual sensory functions! I guarantee that by the time the class ends, the young students will independently read and perform rhythm. You've got to see it to believe it!

If you would like more details, please call/text me at 520-409-3555 or send an email to [this is not a link. please copy & paste]

(520) 409-3555

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